A TechMag Social Update

This is to catch everyone up on where we are and send a special invite to our TechMag Social Alumni in the process. 

All the Charter Members of the initial TechMag Social experiment are first in line for this. 

Initially when we first started this program we thought our work would simply end at delivering the recording of the interview. 

Silly us :)

We learnt very quickly that business owners were looking not only for "shareable assets" (e.g.: the videos we recorded) they also wanted both exposure and sales at the same time. 

Hind site is of course 20/20 as they say. 

Real exposure to real people with a real interest in the services offered. 

Solving the exposure equation wasn't all that difficult however solving the challenge of a reliable path to significant sales was a much deeper dive and if that wasn't enough we also need to solve the challenge of delivering an entire end-to-end process. 

At the time we started this exercise there wasn't really an all-in-one platform that actually delivered a complete experience. 

So in-spite of all the advice to the contrary we decided to build our own. We did a massive deep dive and spent a king's ransom to deliver exactly on all the above requirements. 

We did however not just build it for us. Instead we built it for everyone. 

This might become much clearer through experience than discussion however. 

With that in mid I invite you to experience the current Bio pages we created just for the healing community: Here's a live sample: Wendy Armstrong

So what's our next step ion this grand aventure? 

We are presently on the lookout for "transformative experiences" that can recorded on video (or audio). In others words, as part of our research on how to drive sales (for you), we need a sample whereby you provide a quantifiable, tangible result for someone right within the video. 

In other words you do not talk about what you do - you simply do what you do. 

No this does not have to be your main line of business although you may if you so choose. I'm not suggesting that you provide "freebies" instead this is a strategically free exercise that we can leverage to provide exposure to your and what you have to offer. 

How does that work? 

For starters we've grown the Ottawa Hike to Heal program to over 2,350 Members (Jan 2018) and we now have active events scheduled year round. Once a month we mail the list and we offer them a transformational exercise as a means of introducing them to Ottawa's alternative healing community. We measure the results each time we do this and we are pleased to report that they do show up and review the materials we provide. 

Exposure: Check! 

Here are some examples of one of the exercises we have recorded. 

  1. Priscilla Corcoran -- Woods hike with healing elements -- Saturday, October 27, 2018
  2. John Heney on the January Blues