About Us

This site is being established, using Technical Magic's Techano Membership based offering (the Certification Edition), to support two intertwined communities: 

People wanting to improve their overall health and general well-being and people who offer products and/or services to help others achieve those goals. 

This site is owned and operated by Gary Hewett under the corporate entity of Technical Magic Inc. 

Why am I doing this?

As part of my healing journey, I experienced a significant number of, what at the time might have been deemed 'alternative modalities'. I have a great deal of gratitude for the people and practices that managed to adjust the trajectory I found myself on and, with decades worth of deep internal work, coupled with intense introspection, I'm now experiencing levels of health that exceed what I experienced as early as my mid-twenties, even exceeding what I believed I would ever experience again.

This site is my gift, my expression of real gratitude, to that community.

I'm pleased to see these two communities both embracing and being embraced by the more traditionally established institutions under the inclusive label of complementary therapies, respecting that they have no desire to supplant or replace evidence-based practices, but rather to supplement and improve the outcomes as well as assist people to adjust to and cope with some of the real major challenges that life can throw at us.

I'm a great believer in education, science and evidence-based practices. However, having experienced the life path I managed to thus far successfully (?) navigate, I'm well aware that we simply do not yet know everything. Even science's big bang theory admits "give us that first miracle and from there we'll explain the rest...". 

So, this site is dedicated to help anyone who wishes for a more healthful life experience and for those who have proven they can complement and embrace other modalities and support people on that ever so personal quest.

Here's wishing each and every one of you all the best.

As always, keep calm and Gary on!