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Dream Board The Theta Code Learn self-healing techniques in a very simple and enjoyable format. Be ready to accept change. Recommended
Dream Board The Upstarts In in depth overview of how AirBNB and Uber actually got started. Not nearly as pretty a process as most believe. Recommended
Dream Board Reclaim your Brain A working walk-through of how the brain works based on functional MRI scans combined with the results of successful clinical treatments. Recommended
Dream Board Power Versus Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior Could there be a link between science and spirit? Could it be proven scientifically? Recommended
Dream Board The 10X Rule:The Only Difference Between Success and Failure Nothing other than 10x'ing it will give you the results you want. Everything else actually ends up being more work! Recommended
Dream Board The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**K The opening few chapters are laugh out loud funny and the follow up is worth the read. This book points out the shear stupidity and futility of caring too much and the benefits of deciding precisely what to care about for you of course! Recommended
Dream Board Awakening the Entrepreneur Dreaming is not only necessary it is in fact crucial for the success of any business. Unless a business starts as a huge dream then it is unlikely to actually succeed. This from the man how's first book accurately declares that 80% of all business fail in the first 5 years. If you own a business then listen up! Recommended
Dream Board The Art of Relevance An in depth perspective of what relevance means to those that are outside of our current circles. Very eye-opening and as the advice within is followed very door-opening as well. Recommended
Dream Board Make it Stick Everything we know is based upon how we were taught more than what we were taught. We need to change the way we learn! Recommended
Dream Board Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion Another landmark book that is usually pushed as being the marketers bible. Ironically it was clearly written to help the consumer avoid unethical marketing practices. Recommended
Dream Board The Dip Quit now while you're ahead! No really I mean it quit now! Recommended
Dream Board The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Not to be confused the the landmark book of a similar name this is a walk through of how to apply the 7 habits in detail. Remarkable perspective!Seek first to understand and only then to be understood. Recommended
Dream Board The 4 Hour Workweek If you can;t run your business in the space of 4 hours per week you're doing something seriously wrong! Fix it now before it sucks the rest of your life out of you!!! Recommended
Dream Board Understanding the Mysteries of Human Behavior A very interesting deep dive into human psychology as seen through a series of experimental research and presented in a very palatable format. Recommended