Head into the Holidays with a Happy Heart

How do you take your present situation and make it a declaration of service to others?

Easy - you apply Spiritual Mechanics as demonstrated here by John Heney and use the technique from his book, both of which are, entitled: "Ladies and Gentlemen" 

It's so easy in fact that you can start right here and right now! 

Ladies and Gentlemen:
On behalf of all people going through Christmas, 
Watch what happens as I have a really good time and 
I travel with peace and tranquility, so they can have a friend during the holidays
Because they can't find too many people to be around.

Ladies and Gentlemen:
On behalf of all people on trains and planes,
Watch what happens to my energy as I go down the corridor or get on the vehicle and 
Sit and have a good time on the journey. 

Ladies and Gentlemen:
On behalf of all people crossing the threshold during the holiday season,
Watch what happens as my aura goes forward ahead of me and
Brings peace to this house even before I walk in.

I'm going to bring gifts to people that aren't just physically wrapped;
I'm going to bring gifts of energy to the people around me at the rate that they need it.

So, I'm having fun, I'm serving others, I'm loving myself really deeply and 
I'm using the holiday season to show how FUN it is to work with energy and Spiritual Mechanics.

Or sit back and watch this video and let John do some of the work with you :)

Oh - don't worry about January either - John's already way ahead of us all...
John has only 2 clients :)

Culture and The Era we Live in...

Listen to John as he speaks about Spiritual Mechanics and how you can use your present situation to be of service to your fellow man.