John Heney Feature Interview

John and I had a great chat on September 20, 2018.

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Everything starts with a thought and that thought gets transmitted to everything.

Spiritual Mechanics is the art-form that John practices - it connects the dots between the physical and the spiritual - which, from John's vantage point, were never disconnected in the first place. 

John wraps this up in a nice little bow using a technique called 'Ladies and Gentlemen'. 

There is an excellent example of one around the 11 minute mark in this interview. 

"Ladies and Gentleman, on behalf of all middle-aged men heading for exams who are really really scared and don't think they will pass, watch what happens when I turn this into a service for others."

Also another excellent example at 13 minutes 

"Ladies and Gentlemen, on behalf of all old ladies who are in British Columbia, in the dark and can't find their way home, watch what happens as we make this work."

And it worked...

John invites you to try this for yourself by taking your circumstance and make it into a service.
Of course we've met John before! 

In fact, way back when, we asked if you thought your life should be way more fun. 

Here's what John had to say!


PS: In the video John mentions that his Tuesday and Thursday events are open to the public and free. Well it turns out John's Tuesday and Thursday are so popular now that he has to charge and he asks that you contact him first before coming out so you can keep up with the group instead of starting at ground zero! 

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