Ottawa Hike to Heal -- New Member Welcome Message

Welcome to the Hike to Heal group and on behalf of all of us I'm glad that you've decided to join the group! 

This is your group and I want to ensure you continue to feel that your decision to join us remains beneficial to you. 

As the group's ultimate leader, and it's dedicated servant, it's on me to set and maintain the tone of this group and to keep it on mission as well as in-line with the values that attracted our members in the first place. 

  • Compassion for all Life including One's Own
  • The Ability to Celebrate our Individual Uniqueness while still Appreciating our Equality
  • The Right to Respect, Dignity and Privacy 

We believe that a safe environment is most suitable for all things we humans wish to do. While we want to protect the natural environment that we go walking in, we also realize that it's just as important to protect the environment that the group itself creates whenever it meets.

When we meet for a walk or a hike (what's the difference?) it's our goal to provide color coded lanyards to help the group function smoothly as it grows in size.

Here is what those colours mean:

  • Red
    • Reserved for Verified Team Leaders
    • The verified list of team leaders is here  
  • Yellow
    • Verified Volunteers -- experienced members that have chosen to help out the Team Leaders on larger gatherings 
  • Blue
    • Our VIP Programs are currently being designed (with you in mind!)
  • Green
    • Walkers / Hikers
    • These are sequentially numbered so as to take the head count and ensure everyone we started with also makes it back to the starting point. 
    • Please ensure that you get your number at the start of the walk/hike and that you return it at the end of the walk/hike
  • Black 
    • Walkers / Hikers that are specifically asking for their pictures not to be taken or shared via the site or social media in general
    • Please honour their wishes and exclude them from any shared photos or videos. 
    • If we see pictures on the meetup site we will delete them without asking. 
    • If we accidentally get them in videos we will do our best to either not use the footage or to blur them out. 
      • Please note that editing video is horribly time consuming (ergo: expensive) so if you're going to ask for a black lanyard then you have a responsibility to try to stay out of the video camera's path. We'll do our part and clearly identify any active video in progress.
      • We *might* charge a fee for these depending on what occurs over the initial trial phase

Please note that you are always welcome to express your opinion and we encourage you to do so. We have polls for us to tally the groups overall sentiment and if we are asked something that might affect the group as a whole we'll do our best to see that it make sit into a poll.

When you have a moment please express your opinion via the current polls here :

Ottawa -- Hike to Heal is sponsored by Access to Well-being as a means to help people discover some of the gifted practitioners we are currently interviewing for our growing registry project.