Ottawa Hike to Heal -- Visiting Practitioner Code of Conduct

As the size of the Hike to Heal group grows -- so too will it's attractiveness to any number of people seeking to be noticed by such a large group.

Chief amongst those might be health and well-being practitioners, similar to those in our registry that are seeking new clients.

The Hike to Heal group is a very on point demographic for them. 

While we welcome such practitioners, with open arms, to come out and join us on our various walks and hikes, nonetheless we will not permit solicitation or other aggressive networking behaviours.

This includes at an event as well as via the messaging on the Meetup site.

In order to be clear about what is and what is not considered "ok" and to respect the member's rights to both a safe and secure space to heal we will err completely on the side of caution. 

While any practitioner will be free to engage in conversation, the important word being conversation, implying a open dialog over a two-way street, the basic rule of thumb is to not discuss business unless and until asked to and only to the extent that it answers the question(s) asked. 

E.g.: A Good Example

What do you do?   

I provide guidance and support for advanced detoxification.


I work with ADHD sufferers to alleviate their challenges. 

Bad Example: 

What do you do? 

(a 20 minute one-way diatribe on the benefits of the greatest thing to ever happen to mankind since the invention of spaghetti and meatballs) (oh and btw I need your contact info so I can pester you for the next 3 months until I finally give up and leave you alone)

We have referred to these rules as "reverse rules networking" in times past and they are so refreshing we've actually run whole events with these rules in place.  

As we do provide the  registry and we even offer free listings plus an audio interview to everyone with a business focused on Health, Wealth, Well-being and Happiness, then we do not see any reason to condone or permit any behaviour that our participants might feel uncomfortable with. If you wish to be found as a practitioner then please ensure you are properly listed. Then when you show up in-person take the time to prove to our members that you are someone that respects their privacy, safety and comfort and is willing to listen to their concerns.  

In fact we even go one step further and invite demonstrations of your capabilities in order to make it easier for the right clients to find the right practitioner for them.  

If that isn't enough we even post that video on this site and then provide a convenient means to share it via a QR code for easier sharing of contact info without invading anyone else's privacy. 

Bearing all that in mind then handling out a business card will be permitted only if specifically requested. Asking someone for their contact info will not be permitted however a practitioner is free to share their contact info via the QR Code mechanism or their business card when requested.