PureTrim Sponsorship of Ottawa Hike to Heal

The Ottawa Hike to Heal program is being sponsored by Technical Magic's PureTrim account


Some of these products have been a big part of my recovery journey and remain an important part of my health and well-being maintenance program. 

I won't promote anything (nor anyone) that I do not believe in. 

You're welcome to believe that all I'm doing is creating "expensive pee" but, if that's the price to pay for feeling like I feel - given how I've felt in times past - then I'm happy to be the whiz kid :)

Now, given that at this moment (May 2018) I'm presently 302 pounds I'm not for one second going to tell you that this works as a weight loss program. That is not why I use the products. 

I've just completed reading The Obesity Code by Dr Jason Fung as yet another chapter in my ongoing research on real lasting weight-loss and the moment I can prove that I've found such a real-world solution, I'll be like that donkey in Shrek and no one will be able to shut me up! 

I do know that as I significantly reduce my stress levels, increase sleep, eliminate sugar and refined wheat along with almost all processed foods and stop in between meal snacking (or "grazing", as it was sold to me by a health professional), I seem to stand a fighting chance to gradually and gracefully drop a few pounds and keep them off. Dr Jason Fung claims, via a review of every scientific study on the topic for the past 50 years, that both exercise and reduced intake are statistically meaningless in the long run -- something that just about every one of us has experienced first hand. Every short term gain is offset by a long term reclaim. 

That above list is far easier said than done, especially the reduction of stress. It is also something that I wish to help others accomplish based on the things I've learned and experienced along my journey. 

Not withstanding that present non-weight-loss-less-ness status of my enriched diet, every weekend my wife and I enjoy a randomized combination of organic fruits, green veggie powders, iron supplements, probiotics, anti-oxidents and many other additives that we've systematically tested and tuned for us and my various health challenges.

For those of you who have read Dr David Hawkings work entitled Power versus Force (and for those who haven't, just ignore my ramblings...) we've managed to create concoctions that calibrate well into the 700s and sometimes touching the 800s (600 is the calibration level where healing begins). Happy to share those recipes with you upon request. Eventually I'll have them up here. 
As part of this sponsorship, we would like to reward our volunteers on the Hike to Heal program with a reward for showing up and helping us out (and following all our instructions please!).  

Event Leaders will be designated by a red lanyard, volunteers will be designated by a blue lanyard and participants will be handed a sequentially numbered green lanyards so we can ensure everyone that started also finished. (No man or woman gets left behind!). While it might not seem all that important while walking down the canal in the middle of the city, it nonetheless quickly becomes a really big deal in a longer hike out in the woods outside of town. So, we'll practice this attendance taking procedure on the canal walks just to prepare the group, and us(!), for participation in those longer walks. 

As a successful blue lanyard holder you will be rewarded via your choice of this list of products: 

You may have us ship an item from this list directly to an address of your choosing or pick it up at a future event if you prefer. (We prefer to ship direct please!) 

The need for volunteers (the blue lanyard holders) will be posted on an event-by-event basis and adjusted based on attendance levels. Volunteers will be rotated so everyone who wishes to be a volunteer will have the chance to do so. Event hosts (the red lanyard holders) are typically independent complimentary therapy providers with a separate relationship with us; however, they are free to step down and be volunteers at another event host's event if we are short on volunteers for any reason.  

For now, please let me, or any red lanyard holder, know at an event (we like to focus on the people who show up!) if you wish to volunteer at a subsequent future event.