Access to Well-being's Sponsorship of Ottawa Hike to Heal

The Ottawa Hike to Heal  program is being sponsored by the Access to Well-being Registry


Some of these people and their practices have been a big part of my recovery journey and remain an important part of my health and well-being maintenance program. That doesn't mean that I've "arrived" or that my research nor my journey has ended. Far from it. I believe vitality has no limits!

A big part of this endeavour that we've labeled, Access to Well-being, is to give back to the very community that has help me so much when things looked very bleak in my life. 

I'm constantly looking for anything, anyone and in fact just about everything that will improve:

  • ⚕️ Health
  • 💰Wealth
  • ☯️ Well-being
  • 😎 Happiness

I'm not however just looking for me -- I'm on the lookout for you!

I'm also willing to share what I find, with the intent of helping you along your journey to attaining your share of any or all of the above. 

I look for understanding of the roots of these at various levels:

  • Spiritual 
  • Emotional
  • Mental 
  • Physical 

I consider spiritual to be simply the software that makes our wetware operate. It's the blueprint that manages our emotions and can be adjusted via our long term thought patterns all of which eventually manifest at the physical layer.  

Here is a list to some of my most recent supportive readings and research: Bibliography

I will try to keep that list up to date as I go along however I do read a lot!

Know that I won't promote anyone, nor anything, that I do not fully believe in. A listing in the registry however is not in and of itself is not to be taken as an endorsement. 

That is why I will still nonetheless list as many people as wish to be listed and let you draw your own conclusions. 

At times that stance causes me a lot of angst as I meet a lot of great people that I do not always see quite eye to eye with and I wonder if my own confirmation bias or other unconscious filters prevent me from sharing even greater things with you.

However I must trust myself and my feelings and what they try to tell me. "I'm listening" is some of the advice I teach when it comes to pain management for example...

I do try my best to find, explore and share dogma -free paths to ⚕️ health, 💰wealth, ☯️ well-being and 😎 happiness.

Then again perhaps that's just my own dogma 😎 

When it comes to the some of the products my wife and I use regularly and promote from time to time then you're welcome to believe that all I'm doing is creating "expensive pee" however, if that's the price to pay for feeling like I feel -- given how badly I've felt in times past -- then I'm happy to be the whiz kid :)

I do know that as I significantly reduce my stress levels, increase sleep, eliminate sugar and refined wheat along with almost all processed foods and stop in between meal snacking (or "grazing", as it was sold to me by a health professional), I seem to stand a fighting chance to gradually and gracefully drop a few pounds and keep them off. Dr Jason Fung, author of the Obesity Code, claims, via a review of practically every scientific study on the topic for the past 50 years, that both exercise and reduced calorie intake are statistically meaningless in the long run -- something that just about every one of us has experienced firsthand. Every short term gain is offset by a long term reclaim. 

That above list is far easier said than done, especially the reduction of stress. It is also something that I wish to help others accomplish based on the things I've learned and experienced along my journey. I do plan to put together a program to make the process simpler that what I had to wade through. 

Not withstanding that present non-weight-loss-less-ness status of my super-enriched diet, every weekend my wife and I enjoy a randomized combination of organic fruits, green veggie powders, iron supplements, probiotics, liquid vitamins, anti-oxidants, protein shake formula, and many other additives that we've systematically tested and tuned for us and my various health challenges.

As part of our sponsorship of the Hike to Heal program we wish to recognize and respect the contributions of our various Official Hike Leaders

Hike to heal is always open to your input. Please check the polls so we can record the group consensus of various topics that have come up. 

Lanyards: While it might not seem all that important while walking down the canal in the middle of the city, it nonetheless quickly becomes a really big deal in a longer hike out in the woods outside of town.

With that in mind, we'll practice this attendance taking procedure on the canal walks just to prepare the group, and us(!), for participation in those longer walks. 

Here is what our lanyard system colour codes currently mean: 

  • Red
    • Reserved for Verified Team Leaders
    • The verified list of team leaders is here  
  • Yellow
    • Verified Volunteers -- experienced members that have chosen to help out the Team Leaders on larger gatherings 
  • Blue
    • Our VIP Programs are currently being designed (with you in mind!)
  • Green
    • Walkers / Hikers
    • These are sequentially numbered so as to take the head count and ensure everyone we started with also makes it back to the starting point. 
    • Please ensure that you get your number at the start of the walk/hike and that you return it at the end of the walk/hike
  • Black 
    • Walkers / Hikers that are specifically asking for their pictures not to be taken or shared via the site or social media in general
    • Please honour their wishes and exclude them from any shared photos or videos. 
    • If we see pictures on the meetup site we will delete them without asking. 
    • If we accidentally get them in videos we will do our best to either not use the footage or to blur them out. 
      • Please note that editing video is horribly time consuming (ergo: expensive) so if you're going to ask for a black lanyard then you have a responsibility to try to stay out of the video camera's path. We'll do our part and clearly identify any active video in progress.
      • We *might* charge a fee for these depending on what occurs over the initial trial phase

We've put together some code-of-conduct guidelines for the group and for the leaders:

Note: If you wish to be a part of the Hike to Heal Leadership then please join us for a few walks to introduce yourself to this great group of people and let us know what hike to heal experience you would like to create for our members! 

If you would like to be in the registry then please register here: Sign Up for the Public Registry and Your Free Audio Interview 

Please note that we are constantly on the lookout for short and sharable healing activities that can be recorded to be shared with a larger group of people. In fact as part of our sponsorship we've invested in some outdoor-capable recording equipment to help make that happen! If you have some exercise that we refer to as "transformational" (just a fancy word that means helps a change happen right in the moment while watching) we want to know about it so please contact us.  


  • Individual Yoga Moves
  • Stretches (example)
  • EFT on a Specific Topic 
  • Guided Meditations (example
  • Individual Tai Chi Moves 
  • Perspective Shifts (example)
  • Theta Healing on a Specific Topic

If you can provide any of these then please contact us here using this page: Could you help us help others?