Do you help people attain HEALTH, WEALTH, WELL-BEING or HAPPINESS?
Would you want to be introduced to a growing community of health, wealth, well-being and happiness seekers?
If yes then please sign up for an Audio Interview to help us help you share your passion with the World!
We want to feature you in front of our growing community of health, wealth, well-being and happiness seekers.
As a servant to the health and well-being community, your message deserves to be heard.
While our site (Access to Well-being Services) is still in its infancy -- we have not even officially launched yet -- nonetheless we want to start helping our fellow community members immediately. To kick-start our site, we offer a no-strings audio interview process leading to a featured bio page presentation, both so as to get to know you, as well as to introduce you to the growing community of health seekers starting to visit our site.
Our gift to you for your participation will be: 

  • a recording of an audio interview introducing your business 
  • guidance 
    • on how best to frame your service for the interview 
    • on positioning that permits you to share the positive impact you provide
  • a beautiful feature "bio" page to show off that audio interview 
    • most web sites do not look this good! 
  • a QR Code system that permits frictionless networking
  • education on how to best leverage the QR code process
  • your interview instantly becomes easily shareable on social media 
  • education on how to best leverage the built in social media accelerators
  • contact management tools to ensure interested parties do not get overlooked
It's a great way for us to assist you in:
  • showcasing exactly how your service helps your clients achieve greater success,
  • provide important details that will be attractive to your ideal client, and
  • consequently, make even more of an impact with your work!
Let me interject here for a moment with complete transparency, as that's what you can expect from us all the way through.
When you sign up for your featured Awesome Audio Interview, we are going to treat you to a Direct Educational Marketing demonstration in order for you to experientially absorb how the process works and more importantly how it might be working for you 24x7.
Unfortunately, the internet is rife with horrible examples of so called "marketing and sales funnels". If you're trying to figure out how it works on your own I'm sure you've already run across more than a few of those.
Therefore, let us offer you the experience of what we believe, based on a lot of research, is in stark contrast, an excellent example, and one that is highly practical when combined with the networking power tools we bring to your business.
  • Imagine having customers lining up to do business with you, fully understanding your services and skill-set!
  • Imagine working with clients who come to you fully confident and excited to get started on building their success with you.
  • Imagine having your most repeated questions already answered long before meeting a new customer in person, as your clients have already begun their learning curve long before they arrive!
This unique experience that we are pleased to offer, which includes our networking accelerator tools, allows you to envision a different model of marketing and sales. One that we believe, you too would be proud to have representing your business.
Are we going to offer you something?
It would actually be a disservice to you if we did not.
We simply would not be teaching you completely if we didn't ;)
You can choose to join us in this adventure or not. No pressure either way.
We will offer to build a similar complete end-to-end marketing mechanism for you, or to connect you with a group of people that are seeking to build their own power tools for marketing, or provide you with blueprints on how it is done to help speed the process up considerably versus working all this out on your own.
You're completely free to say no to our offer and still use the featured Bio Page with our blessings for all your networking events and social media activities as our gift for the time and energy you invested with us.
Yes -- We've read all those same marketing books that the not-so-nice-guys have, you know the ones that teach you to twist arms and stage feelings of obligation. We believe, however, that you deserve to be treated way better than that. We believe your business deserves to be represented by something significantly better than that as well.
As you experience our process, you will end up with a much deeper understanding of a more elegant way to engage, educate and nurture your potential future clients.
In addition, our unique networking accelerator tools will be yours no matter what your choice, simply because we want to assist you in growing your business!
Should you decide not to take us up on any of our offers, all we ask is that you agree to let us send you a monthly email to confirm your business information. Our Registry is powerful, or traffic is growing, and we want our visitors to find you when you are the answer to what they seek.
Therefore, we are committed to ensuring that every listing is complete and always remains up-to-date. That monthly email allows us to keep that registry up to date, accurate and the authoritative source for all of the health, wealth, well-being and happiness seekers that continue to find us.
You will be notified as soon as your interview is posted on this site (and perhaps others we are helping bring to life) and available for you to share.
Wait a minute...
Perhaps you're thinking "It's tough to talk about what I do!"
If so, that won't be a problem: we've still got you covered!
We start with a proven formula for the interview that structures the conversation in such a way that helps your perfect customer understand the value that your service/offering/product/experience brings to them.
Please sign-up below to receive your invitation for an audio interview and to kick off those initial pre-coaching materials that prepare you for the experience.
You will receive a couple of short "coaching" emails: one is slightly technical in nature to help you get prepared to get the best call quality and a second is more business focused to prepare for the interview and help you prepare and practice your answers. We want to present the best of you to the community, after all.
(Note: we will of course encourage you to envision how such a series of pre-coaching emails might work with your business model.)
Don't worry -- we know how life works :)
Even after the process has started you may still take as long as you need before you actually schedule.
You decide, with a simple click of your mouse, when you're ready. In the meantime, you can choose to visit and/or stay in the "waiting room" and listen to other guest interviews so you get a feel for the experience, and wait till this feels right for you.
It is important to us that this feel good all the way through.
If you change you mind, no worries: just let us know via the other link provided and we'll promptly remove you from the waiting room. While you wait, however, we will update you once a week, to ensure that you know we haven't forgotten about you!
Those reminders will include links to the latest interviews, along with any new things we discover that will help make your interview a better experience and more attractive to your perfect customer.
After the interview, you will be notified once the recording is up on the site and, again, given a series of short and effective "coaching" emails that will help you use that recording more effectively in your social media activities.
Those "after the interview coaching emails" will really help you leverage the audio recording we've created just for you, show you all the features of the Bio Page that features your interview. Those emails will also show you how to use our networking power tools to frictionlessly share your interview at live events, and how to really leverage our social media accelerators for LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and of course Facebook.
Ready to go?
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