Could you help us help others?

Would you be willing to perform an on camera or in studio audio transformation for our audience?

This is an open call for practitioners of virtually any modality, technique, discipline, genre that is related to the attainment of health, wealth or happiness. 

If you can assist our audience in achieving a desired result and that transformation could be recorded in either an audio or video format, then we want to help you accomplish just that. 

We will arrange for the recording and we will handle all the messy tech stuff, in getting the end result up on the net for you. 

If you are interested, please scroll to the bottom, fill in your contact info and be sure to provide a small blurb about what you plan to do, please. We will be in touch. 

But who will see it, you ask? 


Not only will we make the recordings available on-line, we'll also feature them in front of a growing collection of eyeballs (or earballs, as the case may be!). The people we've come across in our travels have requested our assistance in their journey towards health, wealth or happiness.    

Now, I hesitated a bit to include the wealth portion. I know how it relates to health and happiness, however, there are a lot of people whose get-rich-quick schemes only really apply to themselves. That kind of nonsense is not what we are looking for. The transformations we presently seek need to occur in the moment. 

No, we are not afraid of making money. I can assure you of that.

It's just that we do not do what we do just to make money. We do what we do because we truly want to help others do what they do, and to make a healthy living doing so. We see, however, so many struggle with that concept that as a dear friend of mine once said, "Someone needs to do something about that" (ahem, I think she meant me...) 

So, if you can help someone transform their finances with some sound, solid advice, then hey, we're all cameras and mikes! We are, of course, looking for any recordable transformations in health, wealth or happiness.