Bio: Theresa Hewett

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I am one of the lucky ones, I have enjoyed a life time of excellent health, we could chock this up to good genes or maybe karma who knows?

So what the hell do I know about losing one's health or the arduous journey to return to good health?

Turns out I married a sicko!

I have seen first hand how debilitating poor health can be and stressful life becomes when one simply can barely do anything, let alone everything one wants to do in life.

So it turns out that If you or your life partner have health challenges I might actually have an inkling of what your struggle feels like.

I'm simply here to help.

Just the facts...

Even though my health was good, nonetheless going to work each day feeling hopeless, tired and not in control of anything got to me. I became really good at pretending everything was OK when it really wasn't. I had no ...

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